Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I was so excited when they asked me to take their family pictures this year.....mostly because I knew their family would be SO easy and so fun. These girls are the cutest little hams around. They were all into the posing and doing exactly what I told them to do....they really needed very little direction because they were such naturals....and their parents, uhm, I can see where they get it from. I had such a great time at their shoot and I LOVE how they turned out. Once again, this squishy one is my favorite, but in all honesty, I really love them all!!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Oh baby, look at this sweet little family and their gorgeous parents!! Could these be any more perfect? These little ones were a bit of a challenge {aren't they all?} but I am always so excited when I know mom and dad are feeling like it's SO much work...{and it is, believe me, I KNOW how much work family pictures can be}....and I come home and look through my photos and this is what I captured, it just makes my heart so happy for all the hard work put in by mom and dad!

Mom commented to me that she was so glad that I told them exactly what to do and where to stand and how to stand, and how thankful she was that I was so good at getting the kids attention....well, that's my job! {and I kinda, sorta, LOVE it!}

See for yourself how fun these little ones were, we had a blast tonight {and I'm pretty sure I sent them home on a sugar high and full of smarties, but hey, whatever works!! Right mom?}

Way to go mom and dad, these kiddos are so luck to have you!! You're beautiful AND amazing!!!


Oh my word, this family was SO fun to work with. The littlest one is a spitfire and she kept us on our toes all night....you'll see in the photos that she caught some grasshoppers and wanted to kiss them {ewe!} and then she wouldn't put them down because they were going to get away! Oh man, she was so cute!! I love how their photos turned out, but more than that I love the relationships and love them showed to one another. Their children came to them in all different ways {biological, adopted, foster care} and I couldn't tell you which is which because they love them all equally.

Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your world and letting me capture you sweet and rambunctious family!! This first one is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE from the night! {But I really love them ALL!}

This one is probably my second favorite.....oh that sweet face....and that gross bug!! :)

Good job mom and dad, you've got your hands full and you are doing an AMAZING JOB!!!!

Friday, September 8, 2017


I am now offering CUSTOM PHOTO BOOKS as an ADD ON to your photo session!! My passion and love for photography started when I began scrapbooking. I am a memory keeper at heart. I want to provide you with a custom designed, hardbound, printed album of your photo session. Price includes my design time, printing album and shipping to your home address. (see samples of albums below)

AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES:    8x8 ($100) | 10x10 ($125) | 12x12 ($150)