Thursday, May 31, 2018


I have a brand new home on the web and my Blog has moved to a new location. These posts will remain here, but if you want to see my new work, check out my NEW WEBSITE and BLOG!!

Thursday, May 24, 2018


You know you are CRAZY if…

You spend an entire day in downtown Chicago taking pictures with photographer friends, AND you think it was the BEST day ever!!! SERIOUSLY, BEST DAY EVER!!!

It was even Emily's birthday and she was totally ok with spending it with us!!

We planned our day around where the light would be the best, how far we could walk in our heels, where the best food was, and how much it was going to cost to Uber or Park at said locations.  We rode the "L", walked a lot, moved our car twice and took an Uber 3 times....just to get where we wanted to go!! We ate at all my favorite food place in the city and if that wasn't enough, we ordered Chicago style pizza and picked it up on the way home!!

We must have looked like three crazy ladies with all of our photography gear and our changes of clothes, but it really was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!

I love these two photog friends of mine, Emily and Stephanie.

We met in a private Facebook group after taking courses with Amy & Jordan Demos. We became instant friends and when Emily mentioned that she wanted to come to Chicago for a girls trip, I was all over it!!

I am so grateful for their friendship. I might have given them a crash course in my crazy life for the last 5 years on our drive into the city. They probably learned more about me than they ever wanted to know, but they listened, encouraged and made me laugh. We swapped clothes and helped choose outfits, we laughed and told each other that we were amazing!! {Because we ARE!}

I came home feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to work. I feel their love and support as we are able to ask each other questions, help each other with struggles, bounce ideas off each other and cheer each other on! The community that Amy & Jordan have created is the best part of their amazing classes. Yes, I've learned a LOT about photography, lighting, posing, and business...but nothing could replace the lifelong friends I have gained and the joy it is to be on the same team! Community over competition is their motto, and I 100% agree!!!

Monday, May 21, 2018


Yes, I'm behind, yes, this was back in February and yes, I should have blogged it a long time ago, but that's what happens when your brother gets married during tax season and you only get to be in Utah for enough time for the wedding - and a few extra hours to hang out with my family!! I came home and wen't right back to work and just didn't get it blogged....but I want to remember their special day so I figured I would play catch up today and FINALLY get it on the blog.

Ryan met Jamie in July of 2017, after his wife Jennifer passed away in May. They started dating and became serious pretty quick. I visited Utah in October of 2017 for Skylar's homecoming and was able to meet Jamie for the first time. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel, I had never thought about what it would feel like to have a different person in my brother's life, especially after all that he had been through. My first impression of her was that she was amazing, she was quiet - and we are A LOT to handle when we are all together - but she was SO great with his kids and that told me right then that he had a keeper. She is a Kindergarten teacher and has a special ability to work with kids, but taking on 4 more children, as your own, is not the same as teaching in a classroom. We all told her that if she could survive a weekend with all of us, and not jump ship, she was a keeper!! Not only did she not run away, she jumped right in with both feet.

The weather was beautiful for a February day in Utah - it could have been so much worse, we met at the same tree where Ryan proposed to Jamie, he had his back turned to her and when he turned around his face radiated pure joy to see her in her wedding dress. I tried to get some photos of them looking at each other, but they were way too quick to pull each other into an embrace. I'm sure they were thrilled that their big day was finally here. Planning a wedding, moving a family and working full time is way more than either of them could handle alone, but all of their family and friends rallied together to help make their day magical...and it was.

Family pictures with 7 children, as your wedding party, is not for the faint of heart. I told them to just stand there and look at me, or at each other, and let the kids do whatever they wanted, it's really how their life is going to be from now on. We captured so many sweet moments throughout the day and I'm so grateful that it all worked out and I was able to be there for their special day.

Ryan and Jamie,  I know you've both been through so much in your life. I know that the trials you have endured have only made you stronger. I know that you are meant to be together and I know that there is a greater joy than any of us could ever imagine, if we endure these trials we are asked to bear. I imagine that parenting 7 children is HARD WORK, I don't know from experience, but I'm thinking you've got your hands full. :)  Hang onto each other, laugh always and NEVER give up!! I love you both and can't wait to see all of your adventure together, and I'm sure with 7 kids you'll have a LOT!!