Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I've been taking some photo classes the last few weeks to learn more about photography and get more consistent and in focus pictures.

They have two philosophies that I love, one is that everything should happen IN THE CAMERA, not in Lighroom or Photoshop. You should be setting your camera to get the photos you want, not editing are a PHOTOGRAPHER, not an editor.

The second is that if it feels weird while you are doing it, it probably will look good on camera.

They taught me so much about editing, lighting, posing, white balance, making a customer experience and a million other things in-between. Here are just a few samples of my work during the class. I can't wait to see how much better my photos will get with more practice!!

My subject wasn't super thrilled when I wanted to practice RIGHT NOW....hahaha, but he's much better after I added a few girls to the mix! :)

I asked a couple of friends if they would be willing to provide their kids as models for me....and I got some great practice.

Look at how dreamy and perfect her skin tone is, I didn't even have to edit it that way, it came that way because now I know how to set my camera!! :) 

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